Pros and Cons of Pooch Ownership.

I have always envied dog-owners. As a child I sorely wanted a little puppy of my own that could grow up alongside me; I could teach them tricks and take them on walks and we’d be inseparable. It was the standard daydream; and that’s all it was for about ten years, up until April of this year when Mum and Dad finally caved, and we got a dog.

Advertised as pedigree Beagles, we went to see one of two puppies; a little boy with Lemon colouring. Although we had intended to choose him, it was his sister we came home with- a Tricolour Beagle. She had bright eyes and a wet nose and was very inquisitive, everything you want from a young pup! We’d considered lots of male names for our new family member but none female, so choosing a name for her took a bit of thought. After going down the route of literary characters (not sure why), we settled on Darcy.

Now, as much as I love her, owning a dog has its rewards and its costs. For those of you with dogs, I hope you’ll agree with my list of pros and cons! For those of you who don’t, maybe reading this will determine if you’re Pooch Owner material or not.

Pros of Owning a Dog

– You will never, ever get the same greeting off a human that you will off a dog. They are the most enthusiastic creatures on the planet when you walk through that door; whether you’ve been gone five minutes or five hours, they are bloody happy that you’re back.

-You’ve got a friend for life in that adorable fur-coated vessel. There is no exception to the rule when it comes to dogs and loyalty, now and again they may stray from you to chase a sheep or two, but when it comes down to it they will always be beside you.

-Walkies! The double-edged sword. The pros of multiple daily walks will depend on where you live, I live in the Ribble Valley so my views are pretty spectacular if certain routes are taken. Regular fresh air and light exercise work wonders for your mood too, time away from confined spaces allows you to think, and those troublesome thoughts that you’ve been locking up? Air them out. The dog might not really be listening but at least they’re there.

Cons of Owning a Dog

-The other side to walkies. Do not get a dog if you have a phobia of poo. (Sorry to lower the tone.) Dogs do them. Dogs roll in them. Occasionally, dogs try to eat them. That’s fact right there.

-The Vets. Aside from the obvious that vets are very pricey, the fear comes in that sterile waiting room where you’re hoping and praying your little BFF is actually fine and dandy inside, and they’re just a tad under the weather. Doggies can’t tell you where it hurts, so it can be very worrying when they start acting off norm and you have no way to work out the problem.

-The sporadic war wounds. Terriers are especially known to be feisty little dears, and if you play fight with them, be prepared to have a shredded hand by the end of it. Try to keep your face at a good distance from their snappers too; Dad made this mistake once and Darcy got him on the bridge of his nose; I don’t think he’s ever bled between the eyes before.

So that’s my brief analysis of the ups and downs of being a dog owner. I could go on, but then I might get a little bit personal about the things Darcy does, and I’m not sure she’d be comfortable with me sharing those with the world just yet (we have a psychic connection, trust me).

Here’s a photo of the pint-sized terror herself, the day we brought her home!

Darcy as a puppy!

Until next time…

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